Sunday Morning Coffee Reads, Vol. 190

From the mounting evidence supporting the health benefits of coffee to the perfect photo of a kingfisher, this week's Sunday Morning Coffee Reads has it all. Pour your coffee, grab a comfy seat and enjoy the reads.

1. The Evidence Suggesting Coffee Defies Deadly Diseases Keeps Piling Up

By Nick Brown | Daily Coffee News | 4 mins


2. Magic from the mundane – paper towels flourish in the hands of a coffeeshop artist

By Riley Hooper | Aeon | 2 mins


3. Who I Became at the Running of the Bulls 

By Ella Alexander | Longreads | 16 mins


4. When Dinosaurs Roamed North Dakota 

By Hillary Richard | New York Times | 14 mins

North Dakota

5. A Perfect Photo of a Kingfisher, 720K Pictures in the Making

By Laura Mallonnee | Wired | 5 mins