Sunday Morning Coffee Reads, Vol. 194

From virtual reality employment training to Buddhist meditation's impact on our biological pull to dissatisfaction, this week's Sunday Morning Coffee Reads has it all. Pour your coffee, grab a comfy seat and enjoy the reads. 

1. What Google Learned From Its Experiments in Virtual Reality Barista Training

By Howard Bryman | Daily Coffee News | 8 mins

Coffee VR

2. Neither bills nor advancing age can dim the glow of a drummer's dream

By Steve Lopez | Los Angeles Times | 12 mins

Dummer - LA Times

3. The Chef Who Wouldn't Cook: Why Rocco DiSpirito Left the Kitchen

By Kevin Alexander | Thrillist | 10 mins

Rocco DiSpirito - Thrillst

4. Here's How Money Really Can Buy You Happiness

By David Futrelle | Time | 9 mins

Money and Happiness - Time Magazine

5. Can Buddhist Practices Help Us Overcome The Biological Pull Of Dissatisfaction?

By Terry Gross | NPR - Fresh Air | 37 mins

Buddism and Happiness