Sunday Morning Coffee Reads, Vol. 198

From the disorder of life to the case for why Joni Mitchell deserves her due, this week's Sunday Morning Coffee Reads has it all. Pour your coffee, grab a comfy seat and enjoy the reads.

1. Life's Relentlessness 

By Ed Lake | Aeon | 8 mins


2. This Is What Machines See When They Look At Us

By Katherine Schwab | Fast Company | 6 mins


3. The Japanese Origins of Modern Fine Dining

By Meghan McCarron | Eater | 16 mins

Japanese chef

4. Chords of Inquiry; How Joni Mitchell created her own tradition

By Carl Wilson | BookForum | 7 mins

Acoustic Guitar

5. How Forest Forensics Could Prevent the Theft of Ancient Trees

By Lyndsie Bourgon | Smithsonian Magazine | 9 mins