Sunday Morning Coffee Reads, Vol. 202

From Tom Petty's chance encounter with Elvis to the chemistry and physics of brewing coffee, this week's Sunday Morning Coffee Reads has it all. Pour your coffee, grab a comfy seat and enjoy the reads. 

1. Southern Gallery: Interview with Tom Petty

By Holly George-Warren | Souther Gallery | 11 mins

Person playing the guitar

2. The Chef Bringing Native American Food to Your Table

By Great Big Story | 3 mins

Bison on the plains

3. The Dominican Dance Party That Refuses to Die

By Annie Carreal | The New York Times | 12 mins

Dominican band

4. Meet The Camperforce, Amazon's Nomadic Retiree Army

By Jessica Bruder | Wired | 13 mins


5. Brewing a great cup of coffee depends on chemistry and physics

By Christopher H. Hendon | The Conversation | 7 mins

Brewing Coffee