Sunday Morning Coffee Reads Vol. 208

From the multi-sensory experience of voice to a brief history of the pecan pie, this week's Sunday Morning Coffee Reads has it all. Pour your coffee, grab a comfy seat and enjoy the reads.

1. Rough, smooth or deep: why the sound of a voice is multisensory

By Pam Weintraub | Aeon | 7 mins


2. The Afterlife of a Memoir

By Aminatta Forna | The New York Review of Books | 8 mins


3. Roping As A Way Of Life: The Proud History Of America's Black Cowboys

By Great Big Story | 3 mins


4. A Brief History of Pecan Pie

By Dana Hatic | Eater | 6 mins

Pecan pie

5. Forgeries May Hide in Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scrolls

By Michael Greshko | National Geographic | 7 mins