About Kindly Coffee

Kindly Coffee is an organic coffee company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Our business is selling organic coffee, carefully cultivated by expert farmers and roasted in Minnesota. Our mission is to power the people in our community in bold pursuit of their passion. We do this the best way that we know how, with delicious organic coffee.

If only a small part, we are honored to be a part of our customer's journey.

Coffee cherries

After years of living, working and traveling in Latin America, the Kindly Coffee team returned to Minnesota to pursue a dream of improving the at-home and at-work coffee experiences while helping to strengthen coffee growing communities worldwide.

Founded in Minneapolis, our values reflect a Midwestern upbringing: hard work, strong communities, and simplicity. Ideas for Kindly Coffee come while running and biking along the Mississippi River or hiking and canoeing one of the many trails, lakes or rivers that spiral through Minnesota.

A small company with big dreams, Kindly Coffee sources high-quality organic coffee from the world's best micro-plot farms and coffee cooperatives. Through a belief that small is powerful, we prioritize freshness and flavor over volume. With this process, we can focus on our commitment to quality.